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A Libra and Libra match ranks very high on the love compatibility scale. This is two Cardinal Air Sign energies coming into play so there are many positives for this relationship that bodes well for its long term success. Libra is very charming, elegant, intuitive, and intellectual, and likes and lives on the finer side of life.

So to find a partner that is and enjoys all of these same things, will feel like a match made in heaven to both Libra and Libra in this love relationship. Both also avoid drama like the plague, and are both ruled by Libra the goddess of love and beauty. Harmony, peace, and love, will be in abundance when the Libra and Libra stars join forces. When Libra and Libra fall in love it will feel like a match made in heaven to both parties. Libra as the Cardinal Air Sign ruled by Venus the planet of love and beauty, loves beautiful things, and a harmonious love bond to enjoy it with.

So to find this in another Libra mate will feel like a destined and karmic connection. And it often is Conflict is something that Libra can not tolerate, and Libra loves when everybody loves them. So they truly understand these traits in their Libra mate, and both zodiac signs in this relationship will work very hard to accomplish this for each other.

Compatibility Between Pisces Man and Libra Woman

The way to do this is to put on some kind of a show. Do a crazy, sexy strip-tease or simply kiss Gemini into a state of speechlessness. When you achieve this, pat yourself on the back, then dive into the joys of loving a Gemini. That might finally do it! Gemini will always keep a friendly tone to your sexual relationship, especially with you. Your karmic lesson is, when you really want someone, you have to go out and grab them. Looking for more love insight?

Libra and Libra Love Compatibility

You and Cancer will get a long a lot better than you might think at first glance, Libra. Cancer shares something with you that you find in very few other people. Like you, Cancer is quite centered on pleasing others. This gentle, loving soul will pamper you by knowing what it is that you want before you even have to ask for it.

Having sex with a Cancer can feel like a re-birthing experience, in that the kind of love that is being shared is a containing energy -- much like a womb. Cancer holds on, and needs to be told when it is time to let go. Although Cancer complains a whole bunch and acts fragile and needy, in truth this tough-shelled individual can take more straight talk than it might seem. A long-term relationship between the two of you can be very soothing to you both, as long as you are comfortable enough to establish your boundaries and keep them healthy.

Libra compatibility: Who is Libra most compatible with?

What can be tough about this match? Well, a few things. For one, Leo is not going to give chase the way that you like your partner to. This is because Leo wants to be the one that is pursued as much as you do! Obviously, if the two of you decide that you want to have sex, one of you is going to have to give in. You are probably more likely to do this than Leo, so give into that before you even get started.

The good news is that being with a Leo is going to be very rewarding. This passionate, affectionate person is going to turn you on in more ways than you thought possible. The feeling of total satisfaction is going to be mutual, too. So, before long, Leo WILL be chasing you down, hungry for more of the adoration you showed when you were at the height of passion. This mutual admiration can seep out into the world of long-term relationship, too. The two of you have a lot to talk about, and will enjoy going places together.

Let Leo take care of you, because this strong and huge-hearted person has much to give. This generous streak seems to get hotter when you heap on the attention. As long as you can keep this going, the two of you can be quite happily and successfully tied down to one another.

You and fastidious Virgo will scrutinize one another before you even begin to talk.

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Virgo will read you like a book, and then tell you where and when you need to add some edits to your personality. You will want to reciprocate, and Virgo has several areas of the body that respond well to your touch. Only hear nice things to hurt.

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