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In Pisces will be dealing with an important decision regarding their current career. In order to make the best decision, Pisces needs to follow their heart. Your intuition will be your best friend in and will help you make the right decisions. Your Pisces horoscope is going to blow your mind.

Our expert Psychic Yoselem reveals the Tarot card for you zodiac sign and explains the card's influence on your year. Wondering what the cards hold for your zodiac sign in? Our experts are available to answer all of your questions right now! So, why not choose from our selection of advisors and kick start your quest for answers and enlightenment regarding your future, right now?!.

To help you make your choice, check out our advisor's specialities, tarifs and reviews. The Meaning And Reading Behind Your Tarot Cards will be a year of great potential for certain zodiac signs, however, others may experience a more turbulent year and will have difficulties moving forward. Wondering what the Tarot card predictions have in store for your zodiac sign? Our Tarot expert reveals all here! Our Tarot will give you the strength you need to ascend to a higher level and release your negative energy this year.

Tarot card reading for What awaits you and your loved ones in? Consult a Tarot expert for more insight! Discover your love destiny in! Succeed in love with our help! Get deeper insight into your year ahead! Your zodiac sign's card Our expert Psychic Yoselem reveals the Tarot card for you zodiac sign and explains the card's influence on your year. The Goddess of the Moon is associated with magic and the intuitive nature of women. Reaching for your dreams. Dig a little deeper into the situations and relationships in your life.

The horoscope reveals that in Pisces will have a perfect opportunity to show others that they do not belong to a "ruminant herd" figuratively speaking to people who lack imagination and originality. Show others that you have the courage to do things differently.

It is clear that trying to be original is not always accepted by everyone, but that is already part of this bold task. The temple is the ultimate devel- opment of the cave. The gate is the entrance into the sa- cred space, the womb of the goddess, where rebirth takes place. The early maze was a figurative vortex; a tornado or whirlpool. Combined with his ear- lier book, Genesis of the Grail Kings, a great deal of information can be obtained. The phrase was coined by David Radius Hudson, who has done an enormous amount of research on the subject of which he has in turn shared with thousands of others.

In ancient Sumerian times, during the days of the original Star Fire ritual, the bloodline kings who were fed with the hormone-rich lunar essence of the Anunnaki goddesses were also said to have been nourished with their own milk -- notably that of Ishtar. The serpent is the symbol of wisdom and in fact the wise Nagas of Hindu literature are none other than Rishis, Yogis, Adepts Magi, and the Hermetic Magicians.

Her book is another sign that human history has reached a prelude in the Cosmic Game by integrating metaphysical, scientific, and artistic concepts. Thoth-Hermes has long been associated with the Tarot said by many researchers to be the em- bodiment of the Emerald Tablets.

The hieroglyphics of Major Arcana symbolize the archetypes that contain the inner spiritual truth that can transform us. Aldous Huxley christened the Tarot as "Perennial Philosophy," a timeless science of the soul or a time capsule that surfaces when we need it. Its premise is that we can access that realm through direct knowledge of the archetypes within. In the West, the Emerald Tablets found a home not only in the pagan tradition but also in all three of the orthodox Abrahamic religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam , and many of the most heretical beliefs of the Gnostics suppressed at the Council of Nicea are also expressed in it.

Like Thoth, the Gnostics believed that direct knowledge of reality could be attained through psychological discipline and Self enquiry. They also shared a common view of the universe in which "All Is One," a pattern of creation and decay symbolized by the Ouroboros the serpent eating its own tail. The Chi Ro of Constantine. Astrology today forgets that there were originally ten signs of the zodiac when Virgo and Scorpio were one. The constellation Libra was originally part of the constellation Scorpius, represented the claws of the scorpion.

It was the Romans who cut the claws off the scorpion and made them into a new constellation named Libra, represented by the Scales of Justice. The zodiac evolved from eight to ten signs and then to 12 signs--the dinosaurs and sea-monsters, be- came the crocodiles, the Makara Capricorn and the Dragons of Wisdom. The key to earlier civili- zations is present within the animals of the zodiac wheel especially as the 13th sign Ophiuchus, the Serpent-Bearer near the constellation of Scorpio also formerly symbolized as the phoenix.

The Garuda is the symbol of Scorpio in the East. But there is a major disagreement over which sign of the zodiac is first. Thousands of years ago Vishnu came to earth in the form of a Tortoise to help the devas gain the wisdom of immortality through drinking amrita. The giant pterodactyl like Garuda seized the pot of amrita or sacred blood from the serpent Vasuki and flew away from the battle-scene and it is believed that four drops of this nectar fell in the Ganges and became the basis for the belief that the Ganges has a mystical power because of the amrita.

Kumbh Mela is celebrated every twelve years there as it is believed that after bathing there one can get liberation. A study of the Aquarius glyph makes it apparent that it repre- sents serpent energy and, in those days, it was the serpent spewing forth both fire and water. The Phoenix is a winged Serpent, or Dragon, a combination of the two highest aspects of Scorpio. But by 14, BCE. Their new be- ginning, Zep Tepi was an astronomical alignment of the Sun, Orion, and the constellation of Leo.

Hu is the ancient name for God, and the sound Hhhhhhooooooo, was the breath of the cosmos. In Egyptian myth the phoenix is revered as an embodiment of Hu who, like Osiris, is a symbol of death and resurrection. It took rise in the whis- perings about secret initiations among the profane, and was established universally through the once universal heliolatrous religion.

There was a time when the four parts of the world were covered with the temples sacred to the Sun and the Dragon; but the cult is now preserved mostly in China and the Buddhist countries. Dragons are the archetypes of our priests and royalty. The past is a story of dragon worship. Myths obscure astronomical facts. Animals in myth are stars, and gods are planets. Our evolution is mirrored in the myths of the constellations.

Ancient civilizations tracked time and created calendars, and most importantly predicted the cataclysms during the Precession of the Zodiac, symbolized by the Ouroboros; the serpentine ring of the Ecliptic, cycle of Eternal Return. Megalithic temples were tuned to this They expressed the laws of the universe in the language of time. Time is framed in universal cosmological myth. The Center of the Universe moves around in a circle counter the Circle of the Zodiac.

Myth was the astronomical scientific language of the dragons. Decoding the heavens meant making zodiacs mimicking heaven on earth in the form of sacred sites, and embodying it in dragon royalty. Ancient ley lines are symbolically related to the circumpolar constellation Draco, the great Dragon. The Dracontia built temples dedicated to the Dragon, emblem of the sun, of life, wisdom, and Precession cycles.

Once they covered the globe; all that remains are those monoliths seen at Stonehenge, Carnac, and other places. The Serpent Mounds, such as those in Ohio, symbolize the same thing. Besides being silent historic witnesses of knowledge of the mysteries of the cosmic dragon, these temples were used as means of divination by the priests who understood their secrets. Draco is a vast constellation extending through seven signs of the zodiac; also as the seven- headed Draco, each of whose heads is a star of Uras Minor; and again as the pole star.

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Dragons are synonymous with immortality as they are immune to the cycle of time, and because their lineage is preserved in royal bloodlines. The stars were the Watchers - the seers. Egyptian sovereigns wore the Uraeus serpent Wadjet as their crown; the symbol of the serpent of life, a connec- tion to the celestial Ouroboros. The word Tarot is primordial. In all of the ancient Egyptian zodiacs the Hippo- potamus goddess Tarut was depicted with her consort the crocodile god Sobek on her back.

Because Thuban was the pole star years ago the ancient Egyptians keenly observed it. The Hippopotamus and the Crocodile appear on the planisphere of Denderah and the walls of the Ramesseum at Thebes. In the Book of Enoch, Tarut morphs into the Behemoth which ranges from a dinosaur to crocodile to a mytho- logical creature.

The Old Testament is believed to have been based on the Torah. What is not readily admitted, however, is that the Jewish Torah is itself based upon the Aryan Tarot. Therefore, the Torah represents a singular body of laws in book form, and the Tarot signifies the plural version containing 22 individual picture cards of instruction or guidance. The word Torot became Tarot in the English language just as Ishtar became Easter - Tony Bushby Secret in the Bible Remains of the original Tarot designs can be seen today in ruins of the temple of Thebes, capital of Egypt in BC, particularly on ancient ceilings in the halls of the palace of Medinet-Abou.

Moreover, the 22 major cards are also found paralleled in the Book of the Dead, etched into stone crypts as vignettes or word sketches thou- sands of years ago - ibid The Egyptians called these gods and goddesses Neters who are usually depicted with head of an animal with a symbol above their head representing the constellations from where they originated. All these Neters exist within us in parallel universes, quantum jumping to these other selves al- lows us to understand their significance so we can understand our own significance.

Through an understanding of the myths of these Neters, the ancient Egyptians founded the greatest civilization of the ancient world that lasted for millennia. The implications are immense for these Neters are encoded in the Tarot. When we meditate on the images and accept that we are them without judgment we can discover why we are the way we are.

Moreover, the 22 major cards are also found paralleled in the Book of the Dead, carved into stone crypts. Remember that the Dragon is the vehicle that takes you to your True Self. It is a sign of the Goddess Tiamat, the true doer of all your actions. Tiamat created the creatures of the zodiac and possessed the Tablets of Destinies.

Joseph Farrell speculates they link to the I Ching Feral House. Kindle Edition. The female Yin energy transforms into the male Yang energy and vice versa in an eternal process of physical changes.

Aleister Crowley - Magic in Theory and Practice

The creation of matter from the aether is reflected in most ancient creation myths. La Violette is even convinced that his physics is embedded metaphorically in the Tarot and the signs of the Zodiac. Another recurring theme in many ancient creation myths is the primeval waters Nun that ex- isted before creation.

Water is a metaphor for the aether itself. It is from the primeval waters that the creation of the universe originated. Even the book of Genesis speaks of the Spirit of God dwelling over the waters and how He divided the waters from the waters. This force comes from the heart of the galactic center. The dragon work is to channel this telesma within your cells until a transformation takes place. Words are of Time… Symbols are of Eternity. The Hermetic tradition is one of the oldest spiritual traditions in the world, and while no direct evidence links the Book of Thoth to Eastern religions, it shares uncanny similarities in concepts and terminology with Taoism, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

In the West, the Hermetic traditions were encoded in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as well as the heretical beliefs of the Gnostics. The Dragon Tarot, like the Secret Doctrine, gives clues to the evolution humanity. Astrology, Cabala, numerology, and the Tarot were sacrosanct to the Mother Goddess. The Dragon Tarot is replete with elemental archetypes. Correspondences between the I Ching and Tarot. The I Ching and the Tarot are two great prophetic systems which also convey ancient wisdom symbolically. They also reveal the mysteries of the universe and our evolution.

Both systems contain a fixed set of symbols, each expressed with formal signs lines of hexagrams, symbols and symbolic images. The Tarot deck contains 78 cards, while the I Ching comprises 64 hexagrams. This is an important number for the Tarot since 14 is the number of cards in each suit of the Minor Arcana. Archetypes of the Tarot The first 22 major arcana are a portal to our Multiverse that allows us to take a jour- ney to our primary source of being when we were without egos.

Thus, when meditated on we see our own life reflected on these images. The images show aspects of our personal- ity that need to be recognized and not hidden. They bring us important messages in non-verbal symbolic languages; this is why the Tarot has an immense power to activate the imagination, because the images are encoded with the archetypes of our evolu- tion waiting to be unlocked in the deepest recesses of our mind. We begin to do this by delving into the depths of ourselves.

Ultimately we must open our hearts to accept things as they are without judgment. The Minor Arcana consist of four suits. Each suit, consisting of 14 cards; from ace to ten and four court cards: king, queen, prince and princess. For example, four aces are ruled by the Magus, four twos are ruled by the High Priestess four threes are ruled by the Empress, four tens are ruled by the Magus.

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These lines originally represented two serpents, one good and one evil. Aquarius is an air sign and the khumba, the Grail Cup or pot does not contain water but the aether, rasa amrita or the kundalini energy of the universe. Aquarius with Capricorn, Pisces, and a part of Sagittarius, consti- tuted the Milky Way Serpent, or Turtle in China, Aquarius is the based on the mythology of the Ancient Egyptians and their concept of a primordial womb called Nun or the Milky Way from which kundalini power emanates.

Ancient Egyptians and the Constellations confirms that Aquarius is not hu- man. In The Witness of the Stars, E. Bullinger sees Deucalion as a non-human Aquarius. Only Deucalion, son of Prometheus, and Pyrrha survived this ordeal and re-established the life of serpents and drag- ons. Luke 10 is a clue to John the Baptist and the sign of Aquarius, associated with baptism, cleansing and purification by the water of life … kundalini serpent power. As the pole shifts 12 signs of the zodiac and the sun and moon are born from the Galactic Centre in the Milky Way, culminating with Aquarius with a pot containing Amrita rasa, sacred blood, the nectar of immortality.

People believe that after bathing there during the Kumbha mela one can get mystical powers and enlightenment. Garuda is the Hindu name for the constellation Aquila the Eagle, and the Phoenix is considered another version of Garuda. Hindus equate Aquarius with Varuna, the lord the life force that can both create and transform. The two fishes depicted in Pisces evolved in the Devonian geologic pe- riod which is known as the Age of Fishes, about million years ago when the Tiktaalik, the first fish, evolved feet from fish fins and started to walk on land.

The feet of human embryos taking shape in the womb reveal links to prehistoric fish. Feet evolved from fish and conventional astrology says that Pisces rules the feet. Scientists believe that there were two types of fish that evolved from the same parent fish the ostracoderms are believed to be the parent. One stayed in the sea and one moved onto land to be- come our ancestor. In Greek mythology Pisces is associated with the Titan monster Typhon a terrifying force even for Zeus and the Olympians. When Typhon attacked Mount Olympus each god took the form of a zodiacal animal.

Zeus shifted into a ram. Aphrodite and her son Eros into a pair of fish which Athena placed in the heavens to become Pisces to commemorate the event. She was carried on a cockle shell by a pair of Ikhthyoken- tauroi fish tailed sea centaurs. Aphrodite like the Babylonian goddess Ashtarte was carried ashore following her watery-birth.

These goddesses were set amongst the stars as the Constellation Pisces. Kronosaurus was probably the largest marine reptile that ever lived. It was a plesiosaur, a meat-eating marine reptile. It was a member of the Family Dolichorhynchopidae and lived during the early Cretaceous pe- riod. Kronos Chronos was the Greek god of time, who ate his own children. Kronosaurus was among the most powerful and ferocious predators of the sea; it was an effective predator on many other marine reptiles, turtles, large fish, ammonites etc. This reptilian carnivore lived in the open oceans, but it had to swim to surface regularly because it was an air breathing animal.

Kronosaurus was a short-necked plesio- saur with four long flippers,short neck and a pointed tail. It had very strong jaws and rounded teeth at the back of the jaws which could crush turtle shells. There are several mythological stories involving Aries. Zeus transformed into a Ram in order to escape Typhon. The most famous Aries legend is that of Jason and the Argonauts and their quest for the Golden Fleece. The Golden Fleece was guarded by a dragon. Laurence Gardner wrote in Genesis of the Grail Kings that the succession of Grail kings, from Cain onward, derived their divine powers from the ingestion of alchemical gold which is starfire.

Her daughter Andromeda, second decan of Aries, is put in jeopardy by Cassiopeia when she enrages Poseidon the king of Atlantis, and orders her to be sacrificed to Cetus, another sea monster. ARIES Aries is associated with Jason and the hanging Golden Fleece i.

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On the left is the giant serpent dragon with Jason hanging from its mouth. In the left background behind the dragon is the small tree with the ram fleece or goddess hanging parallel to Jason. Here is Athena, sister of Medusa with her spear planted in the underworld who is going to bring him back to life with her sacred blood.

She also gave rise to the seductive Helen of Troy archetype and was the source of the name Simon Magus gave to his sacred whore a tradition associated with Ashtaroth and Innana. She is also hypothetically linked with Elon, a Celtic goddess associated with Lon- don London was also called New Troy, and associated with a maze called Troy Town. One myth has the Goddess dying by hanging herself with a knotted rope from a tree.

This is consistent with the myth of the fertility goddess who de- scends to the underworld from her sacred tree annually. This was a coil of rope worn by Minoan Priestesses and unwoven in sacred rites for use as a magical cord and the knotted rope mentioned above. The shape of the Knot not only matched the now familiar Labrys-But- terfly-Bee form, but also the knotted band of Hathor and Isis and the curved reed bundle of Innana.

Ariadne is a serpent goddess like the bare breasted statuettes who hold serpents found in Crete. But serpents are not her only animal association. The thread motif is very much like the thread of a spider which enables her to find her way back to her web. This links her with Arachne, the weaver goddess who was transformed into a spider and with the Hopi Spider Woman who carries people between worlds. The Egyptians believed that the pharaohs were descendants of the gods of Atlantis, which would make the Pharaonic dynasties a branch of the dragon lineage. Egypt was an alchemical experiment to revive the lost civilization of Atlantis—the pre-flood generation which the Bible judged for its wickedness.

The Age of Taurus c. Bel is lord of the world, father of the gods, creator, and lord of the city of Nippur. He also called Poseidon king of Atlantis which was named after his son Atlas. The Merovingian race was sired by a water beast known as the Quinotaur. The Quinotaur is the Sumerian god Enki who was born of a bull, although he is generally depicted as a sea-goat.

The prominent myths are: the Cretan Bull, defeated by Hercules, and the famous Minotaur of the labyrinth slain by Theseus and of Zeus taking the form of an enormous sea bull swimming across the sea to the island of Crete with Europa which decoded means the dragon kings invaded Europe. The Greek festival to the goddess Io is associated with Taurus, Io Zeus bore Epaphus, founder of the dragon royal families of Egypt and Argos, and ancestor of the Danaids, who can be traced back to the Maya Danavas of Lemuria.

The Danavas built a global empire with great cities, temples, and monu- ments in Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley and Europe. When the moon has reached the constellation of Taurus, it has passed over an area that the ancients referred to as the sea - the region from Capricorn to the region containing Aries. It was referred to as the sea due to the high concentration of constellations identified as sea creatures within it, Aries being identified as a golden flying ram who flew over the sea.

Apart from being a bull, Taurus contains a very bright and red star Aldebaran , meaning that many took it to be evil.

12222 Tarot: The Meaning And Reading Behind Your Tarot Cards

Some forms of Greek mythology associated the constellation with the tame white bull, in some versions Zeus in disguise, that seduced Europa and took her to Crete Minos , whereas others associate it with the white bull that fathered the Minotaur. The Cretan Bull which fathered the Minotaur was originally calm and sent from Poseidon, but king Minos whom it was sent to fell out of favour with Poseidon, and so in some versions of the story, Poseidon made the bull angry.

In the Egyptian Zodiac of Dendera, Gemini is represented by the sacred union of a god and goddess.

In their ritual the reigning king drank the water of life in her sacred blood. Its hieroglyphic sign was the ankh or Cross of Life. Painted red, this loop signified the vulva and the Gate of Heaven. In this process the king was assured of his transcendence as he drank her divine blood. As the embodiment of the goddess the sacred prostitute was the holy vessel wherein underworld and spiritual forces are integrated.

The gods Osiris, Enki and Arthur married their sisters. Chinese sages called soma red juice the essence of the goddess, the yin principal that gives life to all things. They claimed the Yellow Emperor became a god by absorbing the yin juice of twelve hundred women. In Babylonian myth Inanna makes Dumuzi have 50 orgasm, each orgasm was a power from the goddess who had control of the seven mes, or the seven etheric suns that exist in the core of the Earth In Tantric Yoga, the lovers represent Shiva and Shakti, the deities representing the male and female principles. The act, when properly practiced, eventually culminates in sama- dhi, wherein the respective individualities of each of the participants are completely dis- solved in the unity of cosmic consciousness.

Hierogamy between the Dragon Prince and the Swan Maiden resulted in the creation of an extended mind, the development of an interaction where the bounds of individual consciousness were broken and two people joined together with an intensity that created a being greater than the sum of its parts. In alchemy this was called the breath of Ravens from which resulted the birth of the red-gold Phoenix, conceived in the death of Dragons and born in the ascent of the white star.

The way these two individuals treated each other was called True or Courtly Love. In Maya astronomy, two fornicating peccaries represent the constellation we call Gemini. At the end of the Satya Yuga the Sun, Moon and Jupiter collectively entered the constel- lation of Cancer, then depicted as a hard-shelled dragon turtle. Around B. Two thousand years later Egyptians called this section of the solar system the Scarab, an emblem of immortality as the celestial scarab beetle was thought to push the Sun backwards across the solar system symbolizing the precession of the equinoxes.

Egyptian initiates were called Scarabs because they pushed the egg, symbol of the sun. In ancient China, the tortoise and the serpent were thought to be spiritual creatures symbolising longevity. Cancer is called the tortoise, and means mass of offspring. Druid priests imitated the walk of the tortoise to perform their sacred rites. Why does she have so many breasts, the lions climbing her arms, the bulls, bees, deer, antelope and other beasts in her skirt and lunar halo?

They are symbols of her origins although the statue gives no clues to her werewolf origins even though she has the reputation to be fierce and feminine. Why is that? The symbol of the fleur de lys and the bee are inextricably connected as the bee represents the Dracula lineage of divine kings and the lily represents the source of the sacred blood of the goddess.