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The only downside is the restrictions of the Moon Alert. See above. Nevertheless, enjoy socializing with friends and talking to members of groups. After the Moon Alert begins, don't volunteer for anything. Keep things light. You are high viz. Therefore, think carefully about what you do and do not want to do, and don't vary from this during the Moon Alert. Be aware of the restrictions of the Moon Alert today.

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Don't make travel plans after the Moon Alert begins. Nevertheless, it's a great day to learn new things and talk to people from different backgrounds because you have a strong desire to expand your world and try new things today. Be careful with transactions related to banks, the government, other people or anything to do with shared property and inheritances. Do not sign important papers after the Moon Alert goes into effect. Do not make financial decisions then - just coast.

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This is a lovely, warm breezy day! Enjoy interacting with partners and close friends because today it's easy to let your hair down. Once the Moon Alert begins, don't volunteer for anything or agree to anything important just relax. You want to talk! This is a strong day at work until the Moon Alert begins. After that, reduce your expectations and go along to get along. Avoid important decisions and restrict your spending to food, gas and entertainment. Nevertheless, it's a friendly, upbeat day! You're in touch with your muse today, which is why you are so creative!

Write down your ideas to remember them.

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Once the Moon Alert begins, your creativity will thrive; however, wait until tomorrow to agree to anything important. Enjoy dates, social outings and playful times with kids today. With Venus and Mercury in your sign, you're keen to socialize; nevertheless, both the Sun and the Moon are hiding in your chart, which means that you also feel the need to be private. You might want to cocoon at home. Be aware of the restrictions of the Moon Alert. Get as much done as possible before the Moon Alert starts today because it will affect your thinking, your travel plans and your everyday dealings with others.

Once it begins, postpone important decisions and purchases until tomorrow. But you can do intellectual homework. This is a money day for you; however, once the Moon Alert begins today, you should restrict spending to food, gas and entertainment. Furthermore, you should not entertain financial decisions or enter into financial arrangements.

Also, you are quite open. This is not to mean that people can read you like a book.

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It means that you engage people on the direction you are taking. Here is your complete horoscope report. It gives you all the details pertaining to your robust personality. You are under the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Your astrological symbol is the Archer. This symbol caters to those born between November 22nd and December 21st. Jupiter, the planet of the god Zeus, exerts much influence in your life.

Just like this celestial body, you are optimistic, authoritative, and talkative. Your cardinal governing element is Fire. This element works in close coordination with Earth, Water, and Air. As such, you are fearless and determined. December 18th zodiac people are on the Sagittarius-Capricorn Astrological Cusp. This is the Cusp of Prophecy. Two powerful planets, Jupiter and Saturn, play a critical role in your life. Jupiter is in charge of your Sagittarius personality, whereas Saturn rules over your Capricorn side of things. Two strong zodiac signs fuel the Cusp of Prophecy. The first is the Fire sign Sagittarius , and the second is the Earth sign Capricorn.

This combination has a strong influence on your life. For example, you are tenacious and progressive when it comes to your objectives. Obstacles that crop up along the way do not cow you easily.

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You keep pushing forward, with the aim of attaining your goals within the shortest time possible. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and Saturn is responsible for lessons and limits. You experience both of these worlds in a major way. As such, you tend to be inspirational and highly optimistic.

Regarding your finances, the Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp plays a major role. As such, you have a keen eye for winning investments.

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  6. Your astrological chart indicates that your health is good. However, you can pay close attention to your hips, abdomen, and thighs to avert any potential infections in these areas. December 18 zodiac people are some of the most romantic lovers in the entire zodiac spectrum.

    You have the moves and the words that keep your lover glued on what you have to offer. You treat your partner with respect, and you expect the same in return. This is your way of establishing stability in the relationship. From experience, you appreciate the role of stability and security in enhancing the quality of relationships. Although you are open and outspoken on many matters in life, you tend to find it a bit difficult to express your true emotions.

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    The notion of love-at-first-sight does not exist in your personality. You tend to approach matters of the heart cautiously. The best way to go about this is to engage in courtship. Dating has its benefits in a relationship. You are dedicated and committed as a spouse. Also, your children will thrive under your guidance and protection. You can build a strong relationship with a Leo, Gemini, or an Aries.

    You have much in common with these natives. According to the stars, your relationship with them would not amount to much. We strongly advise against such an adventure. December 18 zodiac people are as romantic as they are charming. You have a large following, as a result.