Parivartana yoga in vedic astrology

Yogas and Doshas

When a planet exchanges its position with the other planet, both planets are equally benefitted from each other. There is the movement of energy from one house to other, and it makes both the house stronger. Examples — If ascendant lagna or 1st house is Pisces, Jupiter is strong in its own sign Pisces. If Jupiter occupies Virgo 10th house and Mercury occupies Pisces 1st house their energy gets mutually exchanged and the houses they occupy become powerful. Results of Parivartan Yoga Parivartan Yoga causes huge good luck in the life of the person It may cause unexpected and sudden changes in the, extremely good or bad according to the planetary strength and their houses or occupy in astrological charts.

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Types of Parivartan Yoga Parivartan Yoga can be divided into three main types, based on the houses involved and in a mutual exchange of the planets. The formation of Maha Yoga is created when both the interchanged sign of the ruling planets belong to an auspicious house, i. People who are born under Maha Parivartan Yoga are fortunate and good luck in all spheres of their life. They get political power, name, fame prosperity and authority and are fortunate to enjoy all the luxuries of life.

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  8. They have luxury cars, many servants and bungalows. Based on the lordships involved Mantrasvar author of Phaldipika makes the following categorisation:.

    Parivartana | Rohinaa - Vedic Astrology by Rafal Gendarz

    As Shani is on Lagna it will show the final stage of parivartana. Budha with malefic in sixth house gives person who is opposing the order of society. Person was involved in animal liberation pursuits for a long time, then after some time person turn into spiritualism and especially yoga. Its the 2nd type of parivartana. This type of parivartana shows occurents in the social background, impact of the society and the transformation of attitude related.

    We are advised to examine Mahadasa from the Candra. Benefics show usually good impact, opposite for the malefics.

    What is Parivartana Yoga

    The meanings of the bhavas from Candra Lagna should be understood during estimation of phala results. Those born with Dainya yogas emerge as fools i. Those born with Khala yogas exhibit good and bad traits in their conduct, speech and behaviour; and also experience good fortune and bad fortune, both. Dainya yogas and Khala yogas affect good fortune and prosperity; They harm people. In the event of these yogas occurring the evil bhavas flourish because of the lord of their lords occupying good houses but these inauspicious yogas prove detrimental to the affairs of the auspicious bhava the lords of evil bhavas occupy.

    By permutation and combination the lord of the 12th mutually exchanging sign with the lords of the 6th and the 8th causes eleven Dainya yogas, the lord of the 8th with the lords of the 6th and the 12th, ten Dainya yogas, and the lord of the 6th with the lords of the 8th and the 12th, nine Dainya yogas.

    Parivartan Yoga Revelations In Vedic Astrology By Anand

    In the Parashari system of Hindu astrology a sign is equal to a bhava or house. Planets involved in mutual exchange of signs or Parivartana yoga i.

    Know your Ascendant

    The mutual exchange of signs between lords of favourable bhavas viz the lords of the 2nd, the kendras, the trikonas and the 11th bhava, produce twenty-eight auspicious yogas known as Maha yogas; those born with Maha yogas are most fortunate and wealthy. The mutual exchange of the lords of these bhavas with the lord of the 3rd give rise to eight inauspicious Khala yogas but the lords of the 6th, the 8th and the 12th,which are known as the Trika bhavas, as involved between themselves and all other bhava-lords give rise to thirty very inauspicious Dainya yogas.

    Dainya yoga is one of the type of parivartan yoga.