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And you can use the When your power planet Mercury moves into mysterious Scorpio on October 3, you love to play hard to When your power planet Mercury joins forces with penetrating Scorpio on October 3, nothing goes The normally aggressive energy of Mars is tamed slightly when it meets up with your gentle sign on You have a lot of soul-searching to do when your co-ruler Pluto gets back on track and goes direct When regenerative Pluto turns direct in practical Capricorn on October 3, you have the power to Get ready for Pluto to go You will find it easier to control your sentiments and emotions while keeping them under check.

March to June might be a good time for some of the Aries to step into holy matrimony and lead a happy married life but do keep an eye out for false promises. Intense feelings will build up but remember your conscience and act accordingly. As an unhappy relation comes to an end, old pains and disappointment will fade away, making way for new happiness.

Overall the year will be clear of any confusion when it comes to your love life. Clear idea will develop about how you want to shape your love life. In case of marriage as well you will be clear about what you want from your spouse. The barriers and hindrances that come your way need to be faced. Barriers will include losses and debts but you need to strongly overcome these to achieve the success that awaits you on the other side of these barriers.

Optimism is the only thing that can help you achieve the success. In you will also see an improvement in your optimism levels that will help you sail through the storm that the barriers cook up. Take some time out of your schedule to design a better budget. By the end of , you will find that you have overcome all the barriers and hindrances to achieve success. A financial stability can be achieved only if you can devise ways to control your finance.

Around November you will find that you are being able to easily walk along a good financial path. If predictions are to be believed then your bank accounts will look pretty amazing in You have made savings and you will find a little extra money to have fun with. Just remember, first make sure that you have paid all your bills and debts, and then enjoy with the money that you have in excess. As mentioned before, is the year of the Aries so expect the health to be great as well.

Uranus will try to create health complications by making you fragile but Jupiter will stand guarding you against the health complications.

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Boost in energy and vitality will be experienced if you can go out on adventure and nature treks. This will also help to rejuvenate the body and meditation will help rejuvenate the soul. Health will be great but do maintain a check on food habits. Avoid unhealthy food as much as possible and commit to good habits like healthy diet and exercising regularly.

Just like meditation, mild work out sessions will prove to be advantageous for your health. Meditation is another great way to destress yourself. So if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, then will definitely be good for you in terms of health.

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Your energy levels will be high so use it to give your life a pace. Stress might arise but remember to relax via meditation to reap the benefits. If any health issues do arise it will be due to stress so keep your stress levels low at all times. Achieving this will be simple as you just need to socialize with friends and family.

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Vulnerability might arise in some of you but remember to stay stable so that problems do not arise with loved ones. Keep your sensitivity levels low and act in a way that does not offend anyone. Auspicious events are likely to occur in the year It will be filled with activities involving family and friends that includes shopping and travelling as well. If you have any grudges with anyone in your family so remember to make amends. Let go of the grudges and live happily.

The Lord of Taurus Sign is Venus, a planet of comfort and beauty. Normally native of this sign are fair complexioned. Native is fond of beautiful things. They are well built, soft spoken and have pleasing personality. Not the adventurous kind, they prefer to follow a routine and can get terribly distressed for some reason. Artistically inclined, you appreciate art, music, dance and theatre. They enjoy good food and love having guests over. In general Vrishaba rasi people have their own principles and ways.

Often they have a piercing intellect.

They are not bound by sentimentality but appreciate truth. They have much business knack and good intuition. The year would be a memorable year for Taurus Moon sign. You would have a unique style in your efforts. It would be a peculiar year in your life, where Saturn in the 8th house from your Moon Sign would be benefic and Jupiter positioned in the 7th house from your Moon sign may be completely malefic and directly aspect your Moon sign, Taurus. This odd placement would ensure balance in all your deeds.

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All unfinished works shall get completed one after the other. At one point, you might be astonished to see that long pending projects being completed suddenly without much delay. Although you might experience occasional setbacks, you would be capable of offering a tough fight back. There may be lack of self-belief, but you would be surrounded with good friends throughout the year. There may also be stagnation in business. Although you may be satisfied with daily gains, expected growth shall be considerably less.

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During the months of March, April and May, there shall be a considerable amount of profits. Trust your hard work rather than offering responsibilities to others. Always have watchful eyes on the business transactions. Practice punctuality in the workplace. Your prompt attendance would be a matter of concern.

Do not get involved in controversial conversations at your office. Maintain work ethics as much as you can especially during the first half of Do not turn down responsibilities coming your way. Do not give up your job for the sake of joining new employment with a minimal hike. There are possibilities for delays in recruiting you. The reason for the delay might not be disclosed. Chances of being rewarded are on the cards towards the end of the year. Do not rush things to happen quickly. There may be unexpected twists and turns in love affairs.

Patiently overcoming problems can make it easy to manage things simultaneously without crumbling. Your partner would have a good affinity towards your family. If you are in a relationship, your family would offer a green signal. Grab the opportunity with both hands. In the case of married couples, there shall be a good understanding.

However, there could be a twist in the tale all of a sudden due to misunderstandings. Trust and acceptance hold the key to take your relationship to the next level. There may be delays in receiving back the payments you had offered as loans to family, acquaintances, or colleagues. If you have debts to clear, you would be in a position to get money from unknown sources. Do not get involved in gambling. Investing in land or property is a good idea. Chalk out expenditures at the beginning of every month at home to avoid the further outflow of money. Save money right from the beginning of the year to tackle requirements that may come after June.

It is better to take the advice of elders in financial matters. Unnecessary expenditures are to be avoided. You can invest funds in annual plans to avoid negligible expenses. Laziness and distractions might creep in to shatter your sheer concentration. Parents and elders are advised to take this into consideration and offer their children a good environment for studies. You are advised to take this opportunity and make use of it to excel in your studies.

Good time to take a break from hectic activities and offer some comfort to your body. Avoid extreme exertion. Practice breathing exercises and meditate during the twilight. Follow the nature. Stay away from anger, stress, and thoughts revolving around a painful state of past affairs. Avoid extremely spicy foods. You might experience urinary infection or discomfort in the lower part of the abdomen. Consume a lot of fluids to enjoy good health. Stay away from crowded areas. Listen to good music to divert your mind.

Drive safe. This sign serves as the storehouse of wealth and its owner is Venus. The year is supposed to be filled with peace and freedom to act as they want. It would be an amazing year and great for Taureans as they are bound to get tine to relax and rest. Physically and mentally, Taureans will fell light as the planet Pluto transitions the house of Capricorn.

In , it would be best to wait and be cautious while making decisions. Your sensitive side will help you get closer to your friends and family but remember not to take it too far as it might do more harm than good. It will truly be the year of peace for people of the Zodiac sign Taurus. All will feel light as if a huge weight was lifted off the shoulder. Thus Taureans step back and relax a bit. Taurus is considered to be one of the most stable Zodiac signs, as they always think the right way and follow the right path as they are certain of what they do. They love to be in control of every situation.

They are usually not too fond of change. Knowing the facts stated above you would love to know what will happen in the future so here are the predictions for If career opportunities are to be taken into consideration then is definitely looking bright. Outside conditions in the field of career you are pursuing will likely influence your decisions and actions. Goals and ambitions must be stable.

Stubbornness being a trait of Taureans will help you to strive through. The year is going to present a huge workload for the people of Taurus Zodiac sign. Taureans must refrain from engaging in teamwork as well as co-operative conditions. It might seem a good idea to work in a team but refrain from such involvement. It might be difficult initially but it will yield great positive results to shape your future. If you truly work hard this year, you can take advantage of the fruits that your hard work yields for many years to come.

One thing that you can be sure of is that substantial results will reveal itself by the end of At the start of , work load might be low but as the year progresses, work load will increase gradually. Sometimes the situations might get tough but you need to persist and continue to work hard only then will you achieve great success. This period will provide great experiences that will definitely enrich the love life of Taureans. Serene and pleasant are the words that best describe the love life of people belonging to Taurus Zodiac Signs in Views about love might differ from individual to individual, one might feel love is essential but others might feel it to be a great waste of time.

Taurus men and women need to keep their sensitive side alive for relationships to be successful and exciting. Around the middle of , new partners may enter your love life. This is the best time to let go of the past and search for new beginnings. If you are already in a relationship then is the time to strengthen the relationship so that it can survive the test of time and unforeseen circumstances.

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The planets of love work in your favor so that you can indulge and please your partner so that the relationship becomes stronger. If you are single then look for a partner outside your group of friends.

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Romantic life will also be peaceful just like the year At the beginning of , the love life might seem hectic but as the year progresses, your love life is bound to become peaceful. Remember that peaceful does not necessarily mean boring. It just means that arguments and disagreements will be lower but love life will be full of passion and excitement.

It is your decision to either express your feelings or completely suppress them. Flow of funds will be steady but the level of money you spend will match the rate of inflow thus leaving little to save. Apart from the planned spending certain circumstances may pop up that might lead to unplanned spending thus putting a dent in the budget that you might have made to save. You, the Taurean, must stay steady and not let these spending throw you off-course. Towards the middle of , you can experience the flow of a huge amount of cash.

This would be best time to plan you finances and pay off all your debts and loans. A smart move that you could make is to prepare a list of the expenses that are not essential thus giving you more funds to spend on more important things in life. As the year wraps up, some Taureans may be able to make plans about buying high value things like house, luxury cars and so on. For this they will need to plan the finances throughout the year.

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So remember to make a financially good year plan ahead and keep a control over your expenses. When it comes to health, is going to be a good year. Unhealthy habits needs to take a back seat and healthy habits like sports needs to take the front seat. Energy levels will be high so use them to enhance your health. These decisions will definitely affect your health in a positive way for many years to come. Around the time, hits the second quarter, a drop will be experienced in energy levels thus putting the morale of Taureans to test.

Keep a control on your emotions and strive through to see a boost in health and energy levels soar in a few months. Take some time to also rejuvenate and reenergize your body. Mental health also needs to be looked after so spiritual pursuits like meditation and yoga would be good for improving mental strength and overall health. It is essential to remove stress from your life so that confidence levels can soar high.

Maintain a positive attitude which will be the only way you can ensure that everything runs smoothly. The stance that you take must be both tactful and diplomatic but ensure that personal limits are not disturbed. Good intension is something that will help you earn the respect of family and friends thus ensuring a happy and joyful year.

It is imperative that you make time to spend with family friends. It is essential that these relationships are kept strong as they are the only ones who will help out in your time of distress. Gain their trust and be loyal to family and friends. Native of this sign are generally modest, liberal and jovial. With their own efforts they achieve success in life.

Indecisive people lack in making decision. You will have interest in art, music and literature. You are generally good in math's and editorial jobs. You possess the sharpest brain amongst the twelve signs. You flint from one thing to another at super sonic speed and this could be your strength as well as your weakness. You need to learn to listen more than talking.

You are very easily bored and easily leave one task unfinished to start another. You make excellent parents. In general Mithuna rasi people have a wavering mind and are active in motion. In general Saturn has some strong influence over them. They should cultivate a habit of Self control.

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  • This year would be a roller coaster ride for you. You would be daring, fresh and capable of handling challenging situations. Sometimes, you may be dull and down. Stay upbeat. Your potential would rely on tackling situations with intelligence and shrewdness. At times, you may shy away from the society. This year, you are all set to progress and achieve a long-pending project. While you may feel a bit exhausted, it would take time to get going in full flow. You would have to fight an intelligent opposition this year.

    Avoid unnecessary visits to places with a huge gathering of people. Some of you may be promoted after following strict protocols. Even though you may not like the changes, you would be satisfied with the wages. Be dedicated towards your profession. Do not oppose your superiors or colleagues. Your word of advice would be considered for the development of the employees and the organization. This year, you would have more pressure at office and business.

    There is not going to be any creative developments if you plan to sit in one place. Instead, move, it would be a memorable experience to relish for the future. Motivate your team and subordinates. If you are a new entrant or a subordinate in a team, stay punctual and perform your duties on time. There may be more expectations from your family members upon you, which could make you more responsible.

    You would get affection and support from family members. Your family might plan an outstation trip. Initially, you may not be interested. But, later on, you would agree to their persistent request. Take good care of your mother, as she may face some health problems related to neck, shoulder, or lower abdomen. Your elder brother would offer you a supportive hand. There could be some misunderstandings with younger siblings. Better communication shall solve the problem.

    Your life partner would play second fiddle role. Your partner would closely monitor your activities. Even after facing many troubles, you would find peace at home. Offer help or assist elders at home. Try to be trustworthy. However, you would give away money out of affection to your near and dear ones at home and outside. There may be uncontrollable expenses rolling out from your pocket if you do not control it. You would gain money occasionally and try to spend for constructive purposes.

    Spending money for auspicious events at home is predicted. Some may try to get money from you by praising your qualities. You may also lose money out of anger, frustration, jealousy, and ego. Try to have control over all these emotional aspects. Think wisely and spend vigilantly. It is better to safeguard valuables and other essential belongings at a secure place. Do not let someone borrow loans in your name. Do not promise to someone and offer to sign agreements. February, May, and July are favorable for making important transactions.

    If you are planning to invest, postpone your plans towards mid-March. Overall, it is a year to stay cautious in money matters to garner prosperous profits in the future. Concentrate on studies. You may have to take extra hours of care and attentiveness to score good marks. Not all your efforts shall go in vain. Stay confident. Parents are requested to set a fine environment for the studies of their children.

    This would change their mindset to take studies seriously. College students are also advised to take up specialized studies seriously. Their sincere efforts would reap affluent appreciation. If you are pursuing your post graduation or research in a specific area, you would complete your research with complete fulfillment. This is the good time for people involved in learning arts to specialize in their definite area of interest.

    You would find a good teacher or a mentor upon whom you could rely on to acquire knowledge. Those suffering from overweight, knee pain and lifestyle-related disorders are advised to take precautionary measures. This is the best period for fitness freaks to enroll in fitness hubs and stay away from health-related troubles. Those involved in sedentary lifestyle are entitled to get back into the fitness regime. If you have recently noticed a gradual increase in body weight, then start your fitness regime as early as possible to avoid the after-effects.

    Diabetic people are advised not to exhaust themselves. It is an important period to spend on health and get back into prime fitness. This is the first air sign of the zodiac and also the first sign of communication and music. Gemini individuals are basically known for their dual nature. They usually behave younger than their chronological age and are regarded as prince of the zodiac. A change will occur in the Gemini both mentally and physically.

    The year is definitely going to present various new and exciting opportunities. It will be up to the Gemini to seize them or regret letting go of them. If you do seize them then great rewards are waiting for you. If you do try then it will be easy getting great favors in both professional and personal aspects. False promises might come your way but be sure to be cautious of those promises. It will be full of energy so you will be able to try new things.

    Substantial changes are about to enter your life that might lead to the start of different new projects. Follow your hobbies as they are bound to bring happiness in your life. Believe in your instincts as they will lead you to success. Traits like being able to move fast, loving to stay active and busy will definitely affect the way shapes out for the Gemini men and women.

    The traits will either bring positive or negative outcomes for the people of Gemini Zodiac sign. Future might seem to be confusing to all but with the following predictions, will not be confusing. The planets Jupiter and Saturn will come together to help you prove your tenacity in the field chosen by you as your career option.

    If you are running a business then you should definitely seek out new ventures by expanding the horizons. Something new is going to happen within the professional aspect of your life. Even if you have achieved something in your professional life then do not sit content try to aim higher and reach it. This year will be a slow year but as the year goes on you will definitely find a gradual progress in the professional aspect of life. Self-constraint needs to be shown at your workplace. Work hard but do take time off because it will not be good for you in the long run.

    It is good to engage in teamwork. Your forthcoming approach as well as your gutsy behavior will help you reach great success in life.

    At the workplace, colleagues might seem to be aloof and give you icy attitude. You need to be cautious of their actions and gain the cooperation of the higher authorities. The level of energy being high will definitely increase your productivity at work. This will definitely make the people at powerful positions take notice of you and your work. So working hard is the only way you can achieve great success.

    Love life of a Gemini man or woman will be full of excitement and vigor in Your romantic relationships will be quite good this year. You will experience an improvement in emotions and enthusiasm due to the positions of Jupiter. If you are still single then this is the year when your level of attraction will increase. You will be meeting people who share common interests. Head out to places where you have chances to meet new people and enjoy yourself.

    Social life will improve, thus enhancing your love life as well. Always present your true self to your potential partner and never create a false impression. If you feel that your love life was boring then this is the year to spice things up. Try something new that is both interesting and exciting. Let your feelings and emotions lead the way so that new relationships can develop. Your best needs to be brought out in along with your true self to help the development of new relationships.

    You will definitely feel attracted to somebody. Love life of will be full of passion, pleasure and sensual moves. You might feel annoyed by the behavior of your partner as they might not be compensating appropriately for your emotions and feelings. Some Gemini might be caught up in between two parallel relationships that might lead to a bad ending to Complications can be avoided if you can just trim and control your relationships from time to time.

    At the end of , you might experience separations, reunions and other changes in your love life. Most financial desires will be fulfilled but certain projects that are long term might not go according to your plan. The year will keep your hands full but for certain unavoidable reasons you will not be able to enjoy it completely. Do remember to prepare a budget to keep a watch on your finances. Always steer away from any kind of spending that is not essential. Stay away from loans and debts in as it might lead to bankruptcy in the near future.

    If you have any loans and debts do make sure that you pay them off. Some money might come your way but do not waste them away. If the scenario does occur that you have extra cash then enjoy yourself. Non-material things will not interest the Gemini; they will seem interested only in material things this year. Health in general will be quite good for most part of the year. You will feel energetic during most of Your performance in the career of your choice will be amazing due to this high level of energy. Around the middle of this year will be hectic and frenzied for the Gemini.

    Due to the intenseness of this period, your health might suffer a bit but do not let it make you weak. Sport activities or some recreational activity might be good for you. Maintain a good balance between the physical and mental aspect. This balance will help to keep you in good health all the way through to Energy might be high during at least most of the time but you must make sure that this sudden burst of energy does not bring down your health.

    Remember to take enough rest as well so that working too much does not affect your health in an adverse way. It is necessary that exercise and work out from time to time. Whenever you feel too tired you need to rest well so that you have a healthy Family life for the Gemini would be really good in the year It will be filled with peace and tranquility. Some changes might still need to be made to certain traditions and beliefs of your family. Major part of the year will be peaceful but sometimes on rare occasions a squabble or disagreement might pop up with some family members.

    Do not let your emotions get out of control and gain a control on your sentiments so that delicate situations can be dealt in a diplomatic manner. During do not try to make relationships go worse to a point from which it cannot be recovered. Changes are necessary in the relationship with friends and family so that it can be improved. Cancerians are ruled by Moon. You are emotional and are easily carried by their sentiments. You are a hard workers and responsible and generally lead comfortable life. Cancerians are fickle minded and get disturbed very soon.

    You have good imagination. And have potential to be good authors, philosophers and poets. You are extremely emotional and sensitive, you are very caring, family oriented and helpful. On the flip side you could be clingy, possessive and prone to self pity. You try to avoid confrontations at all costs and are likely to retreat into your crabby shell and sulk. You hate being corrected. In general Kataka rasi people will be much attached to their children and family. They are good conversationalists, self-reliant, honest and unbending. The year shall be a year to remember for everyone born in Cancer Moon sign.

    The transition of Saturn, Jupiter, and Shadow planets Rahu and Ketu are in favorable positions during this year. Astrologers around the world celebrate their love of the stars on March 20 which is considered the start of the astrological year. Sharing both our common and diverse perspectives on how we relate to the stars is the gift of International Astrology Day. Sign in. All Football.