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Saturn teaches that the real truth behind authority 10th house and fame 11th house is to give value to masses instead of taking the energy for the sake of self-satisfaction.

Saturn in Leo Personality Traits

If Sun, the dispositor of Saturn, is strong and well-placed in a chart, it is capable of taking souls to great heights by enlightening them. Saturn in Leo creates an opportunity to become humble in the process of humiliation — damaging the self-centered ego.

SATURN IN LEO- Birth Chart Placement

By damaging the ego, selfishness can be replaced with humbleness. However, the process can be painful for limelight-loving Leo, because of being forced to surrender the pride and desire of shining in public. Moreover, Saturn and Leo both are related to power and authority in astrology and when combined capable of blessing with powerful status and position. However, the painful process of becoming humble should be passed prior to becoming powerful. The process involves being rejected and humiliated by other people because of the presence of lower ego and anger of Leo Saturn natives.

Your Saturn Sign: The Lessons Behind Life’s Challenges

Also, the effects from the damage to the significations of Leo and the natural 5th house may be surfaced in the process. These effects from the damage are financial difficulties, delay related to progeny, and a lot of hard work under subordination of mean people. Eventually, people with this combination can attain a lot of power and authority which makes them great leaders and politicians Leo, 5th house. They have the potential to become extremely successful in their field of activity.

The placement of Saturn in the sign of fixed modality Leo adds stubbornness and determination to these natives which help in achieving their desired goals successfully. Leo, the tenant of the 5th house, signifies gain from speculation, gambling, and investments.

Your Saturn Return: A Cosmic Rite of Passage

However, Saturn in this sign indicates that they will gain through long term investments and lose wealth through short term speculation. Their short-tempered character cannot help them to maintain emotional stability in order to make wise and clear decisions while gambling. In addition to that, according to the rule of astrology that whenever a planet aspects its own sign or house it makes it stronger.

How to Find Your Saturn Sign & Historical/Future Saturn Sign Tables

In this context, Saturn is strengthening Aquarius by being the sign of Leo where it aspects its own sign and house. As a result, the significations of Saturn and Aquarius will be amplified and prominent in the souls of people with this combination. Saturn never denies the results, but makes the process of attaining them very hard and difficult. This is especially true when Saturn in is the zodiac sign of its enemy.


More results from this combination depend on the dignity and placement of Sun in the birt chart. Discover Sun in various signs of Astrology. Learn more about Saturn and Sun in Astrology. Your email address will not be published. The placement of Saturn, the planet of karma in the sign of Pisces, which is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of righteousness or Dharma is very auspicious — the connection between Jupiter and Saturn in Read more…. Saturn in Aquarius produces a variety of positive results regarding its significations as being located in its own comfortable Moolatrikona sign.

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac circle in Astrology and signifies large Read more…. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which makes it a pleasant environment for Saturn to be in — Saturn feels at home in Capricorn and its significations are well expressed and unrestricted. Saturn, which is usually Read more….

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They may be shy to speak in front of large groups and then at some point they may be called on to speak in this exact situation and will then realise that maybe they have a talent and a powerful charisma in this area which can influence, educate and help other people. The placement of Saturn in Leo literally challenges the person to fall back on their own resources and their own talents which lie dormant and undeveloped inside of them. This is similar to the first Fire sign Aries which is also about self expression in its earliest sense.

Those with Saturn in Leo, do have many talents , such as inspiring and motivating others, being generous and noble, making people laugh, putting on a show, yet they need to work on bringing them out.

Issues facing Saturn in Leo

The Saturn placement can show us where our careers are likely to be and people with this placement may make excellent antique dealers or art collectors, since Saturn is concerned with tradition and time and Leo with style and aesthetic beauty. They may also use the Saturn trait of work hard to express the Leo talent of acting and drama to become excellent actors or actresses, over time. Discover what Saturn in each sign of the zodiac in your horoscope means from the corresponding pages in this section.